Crunchyroll releases Ex-Arm trailer, leaves fans underwhelmed

The director, Yoshikatsu Kimura, apparently worked on the live-action 20th Century Boys, but his role in the film is unclear.

Is it wrong to try to pick up anime in 2015?

After hitting rock bottom in 2014, I really needed to catch a break. And fortunately I did at the end of the year. Against All Odds, I got a job working at my alma matter as an Admissions Representative. This is a fancy way of saying someone who tricks people into signing up for student loans.

North American anime home video releases for 12/29/20

Discotek Media isn't fucking around this week.



Gekidol is a post-apocalyptic mess, and you shouldn’t watch it

Your guess is as good as mine. I was six shots deep when I watched this, but I don’t think being sober would have made a difference.

Suppose a Kid From the Last Dungeon Boonies Moved to a Starter Town is a lot better than it’s dumb name would imply

A sight gag like pulling a mug out of nowhere and pouring a cup of coffee mid-conversation shouldn't be that impressive, but I'm still laughing about it.

Funimation is on thin ice with their lack of marketing for Skate-Leading Stars

Skate-Leading Stars is a mildly funny anime about honor, knowing when to accept defeat, and how those concepts are for cowards.


A beginner’s guide to losing your mind — the musings of a neurotic anime fan

In the inaugural edition of Letter from the Editor I discuss a range of topics including depression, imposter syndrome, and otherness. Anime comes up, too. I guess.

North American anime home video releases for 2/2/21

This whole time I thought Twittering Birds Never Fly was about someone that was was popular on Twitter but unremarkable in their daily life. Nothing could have prepared me for what it's actually about.

North American anime home video releases for 1/26/21

Hot damn -- it's time for Hajime no Ippo.

North American anime home video releases for 1/19/21

I never thought I would see the day that Bartender would get a US release.

North American anime home video releases for 1/12/21

It's interesting to see that so many companies still releasing titles on Blu-ray. Also, I keep forgetting that Boruto exists. Sorry, little guy.

No, D.J. Kirkland did not censor the Rosario + Vampire manga

It's one thing to be upset about your favorite manga being censored; it's another to blame the wrong person for it.