GONZO.MOE was founded in 2018 as response to a continued frustration with the state of anime journalism. For too long the scene has been oversaturated with blogs desperate to be taken seriously by the big companies. They get so caught up in trying to get review copies and free entry to conventions that they forget to write anything interesting.

What’s peculiar is that many of these writers have no issue speaking candidly on their podcasts and social media, but any modicum of originality and voice they have immediately dissipates the moment they open their laptop to write their latest entry.

The goal of GONZO.MOE is not to change the game. We’re far too vulgar and small time to make a real difference. But we can offer an alternative to the traditional anime coverage. We can make a wave in the sea of mediocrity.

If people aren’t going to write what we want to read, we’ll do it ourselves.