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Everything is bigger in Texas except anime voice actor wages

I have always loved and supported the people that work to localize anime. For a few years, I worked as an ADR technician for a small cartoon studio, so I know what it’s like to spend all day recording lines. It’s not easy work.

The unfiltered behavior on social media is another story. It’s nothing short of a PR nightmare, and if localization companies paid their contractors worth a damn, they might be in a position to fire some of them.

Anime Detour 2018 has a great first year in new hotel

I've been attending Anime Detour for ten years now. Eight of those years were at the same location, the DoubleTree by Hilton in Bloomington,...
Welcome to the NHK - Episode 4 - Sato at his computer struggling to write

A beginner’s guide to losing your mind — the musings of a neurotic anime...

In the inaugural edition of Letter from the Editor I discuss a range of topics including depression, imposter syndrome, and otherness. Anime comes up, too. I guess.
Tom from Toonami

It’s complicated — my relationship with Toonami, the anime gateway drug for a generation

Jason DeMarco and Sean Akins were in their 20s when they pitched the idea to Cartoon Network using a mashup of skateboarding clips, giant robots, and bootleg footage of Dragon Ball Z.

The troubled life of anime from 2013

When I look at the list of anime that aired in 2013 and I only recognize a few titles it tells me that I...