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A Decade Under the Influence...of Anime

A sarcastic tale of mental illness and self discovery through the lens of Japanense pop culture.

In another world without anime in 2017

Being an anime fan is a strange thing sometimes. There are things about the fandom that you don’t often find in other communities. One of those things is the guilt we feel for not watching anime hard enough. We might still rewatch our favorite shows and attend conventions, but we’ll find ourselves in group settings with other fans afraid to admit that we haven’t kept up with the latest trends.
Rem is cute

And you thought there is never anime in 2016

The second half of 2015 brought on many positive changes. But I didn’t make it out of the darkness unscathed. Years of jumping financial hurdles, clinical depression, and more than one existential crisis left a blackness under my eyes that persists to this day. Things weren’t perfect, but they were the best they had ever been.

Is it wrong to try to pick up anime in 2015?

After hitting rock bottom in 2014, I really needed to catch a break. And fortunately I did at the end of the year. Against All Odds, I got a job working at my alma matter as an Admissions Representative. This is a fancy way of saying someone who tricks people into signing up for student loans.

No anime in 2014, no life

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The troubled life of anime from 2013

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Love, anime, and other delusions from 2012

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I don’t like you at all, anime from 2011

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Anime from 2010 can’t possibly be this cute

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