When satire doesn’t feel satirical — a critical look at the humor of Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Konosuba fails to move the ticker away from what it claims to lampoon, functioning more as an introduction to tropes that reaffirm the outsider perception of anime.

The hard truth about live-action anime adaptations

American live-action adaptations of anime are almost always bad. From 20th Century Fox’s Dragonball Evolution to Netflix’s Death Note, few films can claim otherwise.

It’s complicated — my relationship with Toonami, the anime gateway drug for a generation

Jason DeMarco and Sean Akins were in their 20s when they pitched the idea to Cartoon Network using a mashup of skateboarding clips, giant robots, and bootleg footage of Dragon Ball Z.

An open letter to voice actors

It feels like every other day a voice actor is revealing their true colors, and I’m getting sick and tired of it.

AnimeLog unlikely to destroy Funimation and Crunchyroll with its 360p release of Fantastic Children

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Ghost Stories: The lightning bolt that struck future comedy

According to ADV, Ghost Stories was a huge flop in Japan, so when they licensed it, they were told that they could do whatever they wanted to make it sell.

Hetalia’s popularity and the downfall of Funimation’s English dub production

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Return to the world of Cirque du Freak in 2021 with the new omnibus version!