Nozomi Entertainment’s Kickstarter campaign to dub Dirty Pair TV surpasses 75% in 24 hours

Their goal is $275,000, with a stretch goal of $295,000. Currently, they have raised $215,157 from 899 backers -- just over 78% of their goal.

Baki: Son of Orge premieres worldwide on Netflix tomorrow

According to the official Grappler Baki Twitter account, all 12 episodes will be released simultaneously.

Mamoru Hosada’s Belle premieres in the US at the New York Film Festival

Belle is listed with a 121-minute runtime and will screen in Japanese with English subtitles. Tickets go on sale on September 7, 2021.

North American anime home video releases for 2/2/21

This whole time I thought Twittering Birds Never Fly was about someone that was was popular on Twitter but unremarkable in their daily life. Nothing could have prepared me for what it's actually about.

North American anime home video releases for 1/26/21

Hot damn -- it's time for Hajime no Ippo.

North American anime home video releases for 1/19/21

I never thought I would see the day that Bartender would get a US release.

North American anime home video releases for 1/12/21

It's interesting to see that so many companies still releasing titles on Blu-ray. Also, I keep forgetting that Boruto exists. Sorry, little guy.
Rosario + Vampire

No, D.J. Kirkland did not censor the Rosario + Vampire manga

It's one thing to be upset about your favorite manga being censored; it's another to blame the wrong person for it.

North American anime home video releases for 1/5/21

Are people really buying One Piece on DVD? Like, I understand that there are a lot of fans of that show, but there are over 900 episodes!
Great Pretender Cheers

Looking back at the top posts from 2020

We posted a lot of great stories in 2020. Occasionally we got lucky and people actually read them.