North American anime home video releases for 1/12/21

It's interesting to see that so many companies still releasing titles on Blu-ray. Also, I keep forgetting that Boruto exists. Sorry, little guy.

No, D.J. Kirkland did not censor the Rosario + Vampire manga

It's one thing to be upset about your favorite manga being censored; it's another to blame the wrong person for it.

North American anime home video releases for 1/5/21

Are people really buying One Piece on DVD? Like, I understand that there are a lot of fans of that show, but there are over 900 episodes!

Looking back at the top posts from 2020

We posted a lot of great stories in 2020. Occasionally we got lucky and people actually read them.

Jim Belushi asked Twitter for anime recommendations and it went exactly how you’d expect

Belushi has yet to respond to any of these recommendations, but I imagine it's because he's too busy marathoning fansubs of Pretty Cure.

North American anime home video releases for 12/29/20

Discotek Media isn't fucking around this week.

Fan-made Toonami documentary premieres tonight on YouTube and Facebook

Toonami Faithful Editor-in-chief C.J. Maffris can now add film director to his list of accomplishments.

Bulbasaur’s got back in this custom keycap

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a Bulbasaur keycap with an absolute dump truck of an ass.

Bandai Namco Entertainment redubs Broly with Johnny Yong Bosch in Dragon Ball Legends

It's too soon to say if Funimation will follow suit, but it may be time to buy all the Broly movies just in case. They could be worth money someday.

Crunchyroll lowkey announces stream of Umamusume: Pretty Derby Season 2

Deep down, we all knew that Umamusume: Pretty Derby Season 2 would be streaming on Crunchyroll, but it hadn't been made official.