Jim Belushi asked Twitter for anime recommendations and it went exactly how you’d expect

When first getting into anime, asking a veteran fan what to watch next is a dangerous game. If you’re lucky, they will consider your personal tastes and weigh them against what you’ve already watched. However, it’s more likely that you’ll get a list of niche titles that only appeal to seasoned otaku.

Film and television actor Jim Belushi learned this the hard way when he tasked Twitter with providing guidance after watching Makoto Shinkai’s 2016 award-winning film Your Name.

Most people are offering sensible answers like Tokyo Godfathers, Paprika, Akira, and A Silent Voice. Others are more daring and telling Belushi to watch Kill la Kill, Goblin Slayer, Rise of the Shield Hero, and Inuyasha.

Apocalypse Zero, Ninja, Scroll, Violence Jack, and Boku no Pico came up as joke answers. At least, I hope they’re jokes.

The most left-field suggestion was Please Twins!, a spin-off to the mostly forgotten Please Teacher!.

Fans weren’t the only ones playing along. Several anime companies threw their hats in the ring with titles from their respective catalogs. Funimation advocated for Death Parade and Toradora!. Right Stuf Anime pushed for Irresponsible Captain Tyler and Aria. Crunchyroll campaigned for Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!.

Belushi has yet to respond to any of these recommendations, but I imagine it’s because he’s too busy marathoning fansubs of Pretty Cure.

[Source: Jim Belushi’s Twitter]

North American anime home video releases for 12/29/20

Discotek Media isn’t fucking around this week. It’s nice to see Case Closed getting some love again. This also reminds me that I never finished watching Case File nº221: Kabukicho

Discotek MediaBattle Athlete’s: Complete Collection (TV/OVA)SD-BD$49.95
Discotek MediaCase Closed: The Crimson Love LetterBD$29.95
Discotek MediaDevilman Lady: Complete CollectionBD$59.95
Discotek MediaGinRei: Complete OVA SeriesBD$24.95
Discotek MediaLupin the Third: Tokyo CrisisBD$24.95
Discotek MediaThemae Romae: Complete CollectionBD$24.95
FunimationCase File nº221: Kabukicho, Part 1BD$64.98
FunimationFull Metal Panic! Invisible Victory: Complete CollectionBD$49.98

[Source: WTK via DVD Talk Forum]

Fan-made Toonami documentary premieres tonight on YouTube and Facebook

Toonami Faithful Editor-in-chief C.J. Maffris can now add film director to his list of accomplishments. Earlier this week, the Toonami fansite released a trailer for their feature-length documentary What Toonami Means To Me.

Toonami Faithful describes the project:

“Toonami has inspired many people to become fans of anime over the years. But some fans took that inspiration to be a part of the anime industry and reaching the milestone of having their work on Toonami is something that words cannot describe. But why is that? Why is it that Toonami was able to resonate with some fans to become voice actors, ADR directors, engineers, etc.? What makes Toonami special to them, enough so that sparked this passion? This documentary takes a deep dive to answer all those questions, as to why a simple cartoon block was able to create a ‘Toonami Generation’ of talent. These are their words and stories on what the block means to them!”

The documentary features interviews with Jennifer Losi, Cedric L. Williams, Corina Boettger, Eddie Correa, Kiba Walker, Ryan Colt Levy, Lizzie Freeman, Bill Butts, Brandon Winckler, Stefan Martello, Deneen Melody, Tiana Camacho, and Joe Hernandez.

What Toonami Means To Me premieres tonight on YouTube and Facebook at 9:00pm EST.

[Source: Toonami Faithful]

Bulbasaur’s got back in this custom keycap

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a Bulbasaur keycap with an absolute dump truck of an ass.

Artisan keycap designer Tiny shook the world on Christmas Eve when she posted pictures of her latest Pokémon-inspired creation on Twitter.

Whether his gloriously round booty was by accident or through the intentional act of a “generous god,” the world will never be the same again.

There’s currently no word on whether this cheeky little boy will be made available for purchase. In the meantime, you can find more of Tiny’s work on Instagram.

[Source: Tiny’s Twitter]

Bandai Namco Entertainment redubs Broly with Johnny Yong Bosch in Dragon Ball Legends

Last week, we reported on fan speculation that Funimation had redubbed Dragon Ball Super: Broly to replace Vic Mignogna with Johnny Yong Bosch. The rumors came after Toei Animation shared a clip of the film on Twitter, and some people thought they heard Bosch instead of Mignogna.

While we were able to debunk this rumor, a new development suggests that it could still happen.

YouTuber and Dragon Ball enthusiast SLOplays shared on Twitter yesterday that Bandai Namco Entertainment has redubbed Broly in their mobile game Dragon Ball Legends.

It’s unclear when they updated the dialog, but the timing of people discovering the change suggests that it happened with the most recent update on December 15, 2020.

SLOplays shared a comparison video of Mignogna and Bosch’s dub performance in the game earlier today.

It’s still too soon to say if Funimation will follow suit, but it may be time to buy a copy of all the Broly movies just in case. They just might be worth money someday.

[Source: SLOplays’ Twitter]