[FEATURE] Anime Podcast Promo Tips from a Real Radio Boy

If you've listened to my podcast before, you know that I'm a big fan of playing podcast promos. Besides the fact that I genuinely...
Asta Black Clover

[FEATURE] Hack Clover: A 3-Leaf Clover in a Post-Big-3 World of Shonen Anime

Black Clover subscribes to just about every core shonen trope you can think of. But that doesn't stop me from being a fan. The character designs and general style are solid, and the world lends itself to fun team and mission based plots.
Anime Podcast Sound Devices MixPre

[FEATURE] What Does the Sound Devices MixPre Series Mean for Anime Podcasters?

It’s true that even at it’s lower price, the average anime podcaster will be unwilling or unable to pay for a MixPre. However, for people like Conrad Collins (DigiBro) and Geoff Thew (Mother’s Basement) who make a living creating audio/visual content, investing $600 into equipment that improves their product makes sense.