NNAS 3 – The boys are back in town and they’re angry

Noel is back! We went to see Belle yesterday at the New York Film Festival and couldn’t wait to talk about it. We also wanted to discuss the second half of Tokyo Revengers.

AST 2 – Weather Report Girl

Anime Sleepy Time is back, and it's sleepier than ever. The big stories this week are Belle coming to the New York Film Festival and the Netflix Cowboy Bebop reveal. We wrap things up with a review of Weather Report Girl.

AST 1 – Hi Score Girl

Anime Sleepy Time is probably the strangest thing I've ever produced. It's meant to function more as a sleep aide than an anime podcast. This episode consists of 30-minutes of me talking softly over calm music.
Tom from Toonami

Audio Version: It’s complicated — my relationship with Toonami, the anime gateway drug for...

I've been wanting to make audio versions of my stories for a long time. What better place to start than with my Toonami article.

NNAS 2 – Rose of Versailles if Rose of Versailles was Golgo 13

This podcast features spoilers for Tokyo Revengers, Midnight Panther, and My Hero Academia. Listen at your own risk.

NNAS 1 – Sesshomaru’s looming interest in sinister cabinetry

The good news is that I have a podcast for you to listen to. The bad news is that it's not the News Broom. But maybe that's also good news! This is a more casual podcast. I'm joined by my friend Ruby and Ryan.

NB 9 – This episode was brought to you by my loud neighbors

I'm not looking forward to going to work tomorrow and my neighbors won't be quiet. However, I won't let that get me down. Let's calm down together.

NB 8 – Getting blasted with a manga shotgun

This week's episode is like the podcast equivalent of a filler episode. Not much happens, but you don't want to skip it because it might be referenced in an important arc down the road.

NB 7 – In loving memory of Goku

The energy on this episode is a bit higher than usual. Don't drink and pod, kids. This episode opens with a really long story about how I'm a moron.

NB 6 – If I backdate this episode, no one will notice that it...

If you click you heels three times, this episode wasn't a week late. It's time for old news and a rant about union dubs and the anime landscape in 2012.