Tom from Toonami

Audio Version: It’s complicated — my relationship with Toonami, the anime gateway drug for...

I've been wanting to make audio versions of my stories for a long time. What better place to start than with my Toonami article.

NNAS 2 – Rose of Versailles if Rose of Versailles was Golgo 13

This podcast features spoilers for Tokyo Revengers, Midnight Panther, and My Hero Academia. Listen at your own risk.

NNAS 4 – Poly-anime-morous

Somehow Noel and I made it this long without seeing Cyber City Oedo 808.

No Name Anime Show: Dick Fight Island and Call Girl in Another World

Summary People have been asking us to talk about Dick Fight Island for since the first volume came out. The wait is finally over. JP...

No Name Anime Show: The Quest for Union Dubs in the Anime Localization Industry

In this very special episode, Evan Minto joins me to talk about his Anime News Network article, "The Battle for Union Dubs." We talk about why the dubbing industry needs to organize, how it got this bad, why we let it slide in the past, and much more.