No Name Anime Show: Caramelldansen and Itsudatte My Santa

JP and Ryan talk about Caramelldansen, the Crunchyroll Christmas Special, old Let's Plays, and Itsudatte My Santa.

No Name Anime Show: Trashy OVAs, Anime YouTube Drama, and Copyright

JP, Noel, and Kyle talk about why it's okay to trashy OVAs like MD Geist, TotallyNotMark's comment about how Team Four Star is why Dragon Ball is still relevant in America, and SuedeBlade and GilvaSunner getting hit with copyright strikes on YouTube.

No Name Anime Show: AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline

JP and Noel talk about Ranking of Kings and AMAIM: Warrior at the Borderline.

No Name Anime Show: Upcoming Anime for 2022 and Being Kind to Newer Anime...

JP and Kyle talk about anime they're looking forward to in 2022 and how older fans can be more understanding when interacting with younger fans.

No Name Anime Show: Fire Punching the Big O II

Kyle, Vinnie, and Noel talk about The Big O II. JP talks about Fire Punch.