News Broom

In loving memory of Goku

The energy on this episode is a bit higher than usual. Don't drink and pod, kids. This episode opens with a really long story about how I'm a moron.

If I backdate this episode, no one will notice that it was a week late

If you click you heels three times, this episode wasn't a week late. It's time for old news and a rant about union dubs and the anime landscape in 2012.

Hades Project Ze-oh-bluh

In this episode I talk about Manga UK, the confusing DBZ release model, and more.

Running down the hall screaming with my pants down

This week I talk about Chainsaw Man, The Netflix Binge Model, and earwigs. Ugh.

Staying up all night drinking and watching hentai

In this weeks episode I talk about Anime Detour, Toonami Jetstream, and The Big Three.

The ancient practice of buying physical anime

I'm still not convinced that the last episode posted exists, so cheers to another ghost podcast. I didn't have as much news to discuss, but the energy was higher than ever.

The anime news podcast that no one asked for

It's been a long time since I've done an anime news only podcast. I did this pilot episode alone because I still don't have internet at my new apartment. Then how did I upload it? Don't worry about it.