No Name Anime Show: The Big Gunsmith O

It’s the last No Name Anime Show of the year! We open it up with a look at the ever-exhausting discourse surrounding anime piracy. Then we wrap up Anime Secret Santa with Kyle’s review of The Big O and JP’s “review” of Gunsmith Cats.

No Name Anime Show: The Devilman Lady Promised in Our Manga Shelf

Noel reviews Devilman Lady for Anime Secret Santa. JP talks about his manga organization project. Kyle reviews The Place Promised in Our Early Days. JP and Noel also have a quick discussion about Dandadan and Quintessential Quintuplets.

No Name Anime Show: Detroit Blue Lock City Drinks Bleach at Anime NYC

JP does an extended con report for Anime NYC 2022. Kyle reviews the first volume of the Detroit Metal City manga. Noel reviews Blue Lock. JP shouts about Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War.

No Name Anime Show: Akiba Play it Cthulu Guys War

Bayonetta 3 wage dispute update. Favorite horror anime. JP reviews Housing Complex C. Kyle reviews Play it Cool Guys. Noel reviews Akiba Maid War.