[EP. REVIEW] Baki – Episode 1 – Synchronicity

If you've seen any promotional material for this show, you already know what happens in this episode. I mean, it's an adaptation of the "Most Dangerous Death Row Inmates" saga for fuck's sake. You don't need subtitles to enjoy watching death row inmates break out of prison and mutilate guards.

[EP. REVIEW] Baki Hanma, the Incredible Glass Eating Boy

Something you'll learn the more you watch this show is that Grappler Baki is all about ridiculous flashbacks to pad things out. Did a character make and obscure fighting reference? Don't worry -- they'll go into great detail about it. It’s kind of like if Family Guy was about Peter training to be an underground fighting champion.

[EP. REVIEW] Kyle Hebert Kicks His Own Ass in Baki the Grappler

Baki's fight with Hanayama's has to be postponed because a dozen cops burst in and break up the party. Baki goes home with Kuriyagawa. Hanayama goes outside and tears a car apart with his bare hands.