Crunchyroll pulls elaborate April Fool’s Day prank and actually streams Umamusume: Pretty Derby

One-hour long Umamusume: Pretty Derby special to premise April 1, 2018.

What’s one-hour long and called Horse Girls? Your new favorite anime, that’s what!

We may not be getting a new episode of Rick and Morty tomorrow, but don’t you worry. Crunchyroll is coming to the rescue with something even better. The one-hour Umamusume: Pretty Derby special will premiere tomorrow at 9:00am PST!

If it wasn’t for the fact that this is an anime, and we’ve been jerking off to weirder things for a while now, I would have thought that Umamusume was a long con being played on us by the industry.

We’d all tune in tomorrow, and instead of anthropomorphized horse girls being adorable, we’d get Sato from Welcome to the NHK yelling, “I told you anime was a problem! What the fuck are you doing watching a show about cute horse girls?” Men in black would break down our doors, set our computers on fire, and drag us off to rehabilitation camps.

Instead, the joke is that this shit is real. It’s happening tomorrow. And we’re going to watch it. We’re probably going to love it. Fuck, I wouldn’t be surprised if the show turned out to be good and won Anime of the Year at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

[Source: Crunchyroll]