Fan-made Toonami documentary premieres tonight on YouTube and Facebook

Toonami Faithful Editor-in-chief C.J. Maffris can now add film director to his list of accomplishments. Earlier this week, the Toonami fansite released a trailer for their feature-length documentary What Toonami Means To Me.

Toonami Faithful describes the project:

“Toonami has inspired many people to become fans of anime over the years. But some fans took that inspiration to be a part of the anime industry and reaching the milestone of having their work on Toonami is something that words cannot describe. But why is that? Why is it that Toonami was able to resonate with some fans to become voice actors, ADR directors, engineers, etc.? What makes Toonami special to them, enough so that sparked this passion? This documentary takes a deep dive to answer all those questions, as to why a simple cartoon block was able to create a ‘Toonami Generation’ of talent. These are their words and stories on what the block means to them!”

The documentary features interviews with Jennifer Losi, Cedric L. Williams, Corina Boettger, Eddie Correa, Kiba Walker, Ryan Colt Levy, Lizzie Freeman, Bill Butts, Brandon Winckler, Stefan Martello, Deneen Melody, Tiana Camacho, and Joe Hernandez.

What Toonami Means To Me premieres tonight on YouTube and Facebook at 9:00pm EST.

[Source: Toonami Faithful]