NNAS 3 – The boys are back in town and they’re angry

Noel is back! We went to see Belle yesterday at the New York Film Festival and couldn’t wait to talk about it. We also wanted to discuss the second half of Tokyo Revengers.

What did we talk about?

  • The opening of the show is a no-spoiler review of Belle. This film is still in limited release mode. According to GKIDS, there will be a wider release this winter.
  • Vague spoilers for Fena: Pirate Princess. I don’t go into great detail, but if you want to watch this series cold, beware.
  • There’s also a Yashahime rant that contains some spoilers, but who cares? I think I did a similar rant in the last episode of this podcast.
  • The last 40 or so minutes are spoiler-city for Tokyo Revengers. If you haven’t seen the entire anime, you are listening to that segment at your own risk. It’s the entire final segment of this podcast. You have been warned.