No Name Anime Show: Birdie Wing, Ya Boy Kongming, Tomodachi Game, and Riki-Oh


Today marks the beginning of a new age — After Yashahime. It’s too early to tell if anime will still move our hearts, but our search is never-ending. Birdie Wing is a good indication that things will be alright. Tomodachi Game, while terrible, is also a good sign. This is because you can not have a Best Anime (like Yashahime, of course) without the existence of a Worst Anime (like Platinum End). Riki-Oh is great, but doesn’t count because 1) It is not anime, and 2) It was released in 28 BY (Before Yashahime).


  • Production Code: NNAS27
  • Hosts: JPKyle, Noel
  • Recorded: May 2, 2022
  • Length: 01:00:00
  • File Type: 128kbps Stereo MP3
  • Size: 55mb


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