No Name Anime Show: The Spoiler Splash Zone

Podcast Description

We’ve been threatening to do it for weeks. Hold onto your butts, because the boys are back in town, and they’re finally talking about the second half Summertime Rendering.

Timecode Breakdown

00:00:00 Intro/Music (“Break” by Uru from Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon)
00:05:30 Hazukari at MAGFest (C/W: Discussion of sexual assault)
00:11:55 How the way we consume media affects it cultural lifespan
00:30:12 Crunchyroll Anime Awards celebrity and athlete presenter lineup
00:38:09 “Commercial Break” (“Classic 2s” by sports.)
00:39:29 Summertime Rendering discussion (JP, Noel, Kyle)
01:10:39 Outro/Music (“Reborn” by Ryoko Aoyagi from Baki the Grappler)