[PODCAST] Pokemon Sun and Moon Reminds Me of Boiling Hot Dogs in Hennessy

We're back for another three hour marathon of anime podcasting misery. On this episode I'm joined by Ryan and Noel. We talk about My Hero Academia, Pokemon Sun/Moon, Megalobox, and much more.
Anime Podcast Sound Devices MixPre

[FEATURE] What Does the Sound Devices MixPre Series Mean for Anime Podcasters?

It’s true that even at it’s lower price, the average anime podcaster will be unwilling or unable to pay for a MixPre. However, for people like Conrad Collins (DigiBro) and Geoff Thew (Mother’s Basement) who make a living creating audio/visual content, investing $600 into equipment that improves their product makes sense.

[FEATURE] In Defense of Katsuki Bakugo

My Hero Academia has a huge ensemble cast of heroes-in-training and professional heroes. If you ask a dozen fans who their favorite character is, you would get you a dozen answers. There is one character, however, that is reviled by most fans. One that stands out as the most unfairly hated out of Hero Academia’s entire cast.

[LIST] Top 5 Bros in Anime

The bond two bros hold is one that can withstand even the greatest of challenges. Mario and Luigi, Yugi and Joey, Otaku and Reddit -- these are a few examples of classic bros.
Hidomi listening to Anime Insiders Podcast

[PODCAST] The Shape of Water is My Favorite Anime

I've been teasing it for a few months, and it's finally here -- The Anime Insiders Podcast! On this episode I'm joined by Ryan, Shane, and Noel. We talk about My Hero Academia, Umamusume: Pretty Derby, FLCL: Progressive, and much more!