[PODCAST] AnimeGate and How I Accidentally Joined a Cult

On this episode I’m joined by Ryan and Gwen. We talk about all the Anime Expo news, how Anime News Network was irresponsible, and how fans got mad at Crunchyroll for holding an LGBT panel at Anime Expo.


  • Gwen watched all of My Hero Academia.
  • JP uses a calendar to schedule his anime watching.

Social Media

  • Ryan pretends to know what Girls und Panzer is about.
  • Are moe girls coming to take our Cowboy Bebops?
  • What do we think about card game art?


  • Anime News Network posts a story about a potential shooting threat a month late.
  • Lots of cool announcements from Anime Expo

What is Anime Gate?

Crunchyroll sponsored an LGBT panel at Anime Expo and people got mad. We take a look at some of their arguments.



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