[PODCAST] But Since We Are Friends, I Get to Call You Ass Disaster

two brothers

Even without a news segment the show is three hours. My bad. On this episode I’m joined by Ryan and Noel. We talk about how the industry has changed in the last ten years, the summer anime season, common excuses for anime piracy, and much more.


Social Media

  • Gwen from Shin Anime Pulp – What is JP’s biggest takeaway from 10 years of anime podcasts?
  • mcstarface on Instagram – Has digital animation made anime better when compared to traditional animation?
  • tondog from BentoFM – How has the industry changed since I started podcasting?
  • Doug from the AnimatedACTION podcast – Did you name the show after the Muppet or the anime studio?
  • Mikey Shiota on Twitter – Since Anime Expo is happening right now would you ever go to one or would it be too much to handle?
  • Don Shull, Meme God – How do memes and the effect of seasonal anime affect how we enjoy the medium?
  • PassionTentacle of The Internet – Talk about your Anime Podcast Brand

General Anime Discussion

  • Noel talks about the flat fireworks conspiracy in Fireworks.
  • The CGI in New Grappler Baki is bizarre.
  • Does Welcome to the NHK hold up?
  • JP legit thought Island was a parody on shows based on visual novels.
  • Chio’s School Road is lit.
  • JP and Noel disagree on Mr. Tonegawa’s Middle Management Blues.
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront is about everyday life in New York.
  • Harukana Receive is your source for tight anime butts.
  • Angels of Death is beautiful nonsense.

Anime Piracy vs. The World

KissAnime started offering a premium subscription and blocking anyone that uses an ad blocker. This set the internet on fire, so we decided to talk about some of the common excuses people use to pirate anime.



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