[PODCAST] Golgo 13 Can Always Make the Shot on My Face

On this episode I’m joined by Noel, Gwen, and Tony. We talk about Comic-Con news, Golgo 13’s bullet-time cumshot, the many levels of Super Saiyan, and the problem of fans expecting voice actors to remain single.


  • The world is going to end in a flood.
  • Praise Bobrick.
  • Vegeta fridge.

Social Media

  • Mikey Shiota – H O R S E G I R L S.
  • Buggy – Shout! Microphone Girls.
  • Tony from BentoFM – In the spirit of umamusume what other girl mixed with animal show would you want to see?
  • Ryan – If you could only beat it to one anime waifu (and literally nothing else) for the rest of your life , who would you pick? I should note that your dick will fall off if you attempt to stroke it to something else. Enjoy lads


  • The news segment is just an excuse to tell dumb jokes.

Voice Actors Should Be Allowed to Date

  • People need to stop being crazy about anime voice actors wanting to date and start families.



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