[PODCAST] If Only There Was Symphogear Brand Peanut Butter

On this episode I’m joined by Noel, Em, and Andrew. We talk about Umamusume reproduction theory, the definition of moe, why Fan Service isn’t a podcast, and we follow up on our anime piracy segment from two weeks ago.


  • The Grappler Baki manga was licensed by a brand new manga company.
  • Noel is writing about Symphogear.

Social Media

  • Gwen from Shin Anime Pulp – Broly.
  • Brad Kelley – Finish the reproductive aspects of umamusume. The never ending debate on what is moe. Best girl of the summer anime season. Just a few suggestions.
  • Tony from BentoFM – In the spirit of umamusume what other girl mixed with animal show would you want to see?
  • Sean Ryan – Would pony girls be dwarf chicks? Are there mermaids in this universe because of sea horses?
  • Wakashi from Anime on Top – DC’s Titan trailer vs the Teen Titans Go Movie trailer.

Fan Service Podcast

  • JP makes an argument for why Rooster Teeth’s Fan Service podcast is not really a podcast.
  • It’s still good; it’s just not a podcast.

Anime Piracy Follow Up

  • We take a look at a video that gives reasons for why we should pirate anime to save the industry.

AnimeFest vs. AnimeNYC

  • It’s fight to the death between two New York anime conventions.
  • Is this a spite con?
  • Does it matter?

General Anime Discussion

  • Grappler Baki is getting to the good part.
  • Darling in the FranXX is about my edgy Myspace page.
  • Cells at Work is Osmosis Jones for weebs.
  • Banana Fish is hella dope.
  • Em talks about the new Free.
  • JP doesn’t like the new Kino’s Journey.



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