[PODCAST] Interview With an Anime Vampire

This week I’m joined by the hosts of Rocketto Punchi. We talk about Otakon, doors in anime, and Flintstones erotica.


  • Do people call dub fans “dubbies”?

Social Media

  • Nooblender – Best and worst doors in naruto
  • PatzPrime – This is my Naruto story.
    • https://twitter.com/PatzPrime/status/1030920298961481729
  • Lady Starlight
    • Anime floppy disks
    • Pizza in anime
  • Elliot Page –  Series with most outrageous (bad) titties?
  • Tony Bowe – Horse girls or best doors in anime
  • Mikey Shitoa – Steins;Gate 0 and why you shouldn’t jump the gun to say nothing’s happening.


  • JP drank too much and fell off a bed.
  • He also thought he saw a porn star in the dealer’s room.


  • The only piece of news that matters is that Bobobo was licensed.



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