[PODCAST] Yujiro Hanma Doesn’t Have Any Political Beliefs — Yujiro Hanna IS the Political Belief

Yujiro smoking and stretching.

Three more hours of anime podcasting tripe. On this episode I’m joined by Ryan, Noel, and Gwen. We talk about New Grappler Baki, My Hero Academia, Megalobox, the new ANN forum rules, and much more.


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Activate Operation: Podwar. Aim the missiles towards It’s Super Effective.

I tell a story about how I accidentally made someone else pod-famous.

Here’s a link to Femsplained Podcast.


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The Newsroom

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[01:57:11 – 01:48:59]

  • Spiraken Manga Review is run hosted by my good friend, Xan. This year is his tenth year podcasting.
  • Lather’s Blather is a podcast I’ve only listened to once. I don’t know if they’re still around because when I try to open their website it crashes my browser.

General Anime Discussion

[01:48:59 – 02:54:38]

  • JP watched New Grappler Baki on Japanese Netflix without subtitles because he’s a fucking nerd.
  • Steins;Gate was hard to follow, but we’ll talk about it more on a spoilercast.
  • Noel calls Megalobox the Anime of the Year.
  • JP thinks My Hero Academia has no idea where the story is going.
  • Gwen asks about the similarities between My Hero Academia and Naruto.
  • Steins;Gate is an alternate universe Welcome to the NHK.
  • Lupin is too smart for the idiot box.
  • Full Metal Panic has lit ass panty shots.

Site News/Outro

[02:54:38 – 03:15:08]


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