If you’ve already received your copy of Right Stuf’s Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Collector’s Ultra Edition, you may have noticed a problem. The sub-$300 set uses the broadcast version of the series instead of the retouched home video version. Right Stuf confirmed the issue with fans on Monday, stating that neither them nor Sunrise were aware of the problem until after the set had shipped.

The correct masters are currently en route from Sunrise and are expected to arrive by the end of November. Right Stuf does not expect to finish work on the replacement discs until “after the holiday season.” Right Stuf CEO Shawn Kleckner said on Twitter that the amount of work involved in updating the discs won’t be clear until they receive the new masters, but he is hoping that no additional dubbing is required.

Gundam SEED Ultra Edition

People that purchased the Ultra Edition will have the option to request the replacement discs “at no charge” once they are complete. You don’t have to forfeit the original set either. With how much this thing costs, I can’t imagine anyone neglecting to participate in the replacement program.

Fans who ordered the Ultra Edtion internationally do not have to worry about shipping costs either. However, Kleckner joked that “it would be nice though, if we could ship it to you along with another order.”

More information on the replacement program will be made available when the discs are ready.

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