Looking back at the top posts from 2020

We posted a lot of great stories in 2020. Occasionally we got lucky and people actually read them.

Fan-made Toonami documentary premieres tonight on YouTube and Facebook

Toonami Faithful Editor-in-chief C.J. Maffris can now add film director to his list of accomplishments.

Toonami to air Attack on Titan The Final Season in 2021

Attack on Titan The Final Season will be joining the Toonami lineup starting January 9, 2021, at 12:30am EST.

Toonami celebrates Christmas with Cowboy Bebop marathon

The war on Christmas is finally over, and it's thanks to the folks at Toonami.

It’s complicated — my relationship with Toonami, the anime gateway drug for a generation

Jason DeMarco and Sean Akins were in their 20s when they pitched the idea to Cartoon Network using a mashup of skateboarding clips, giant robots, and bootleg footage of Dragon Ball Z.

SSSS.Gridman coming to Toonami in 2021

Don't worry everyone -- that's not the sound of a snake coming to eat you. It's just SSSS.Gridman slithering it way to Toonami.

FLCL Progressive and Alternative trailer changed my mind about the new episodes

When Production I.G. revealed that they had acquired the rights to FLCL in 2015 with the intention to produce more episodes, I didn't care....