Audio Equipment Used in Funimation English Dubs


Have you ever found yourself wondering what kind of audio gear is used to make your favorite English dubs of anime? Probably not. For most people, the closest they’ll ever get to that is wanting to be an English voice actor. But when I starting studying the audio post-production process I found myself asking these questions, and the answers were not readily available.

Thankfully, I was able to make some educated guesses on what equipment they use based on a handful of behind-the-scenes videos. I’m sharing my findings for people like me that geek out over audio gear.

It’s important to note that while I might get some of the gear correct, these are still only guesses. Also, some of these videos are several years old, so my list may not be up-to-date.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Studio A

  • The engineer is working in Pro Tools. If you look closely you can see the clip gain icon and input monitoring icon; therefore, it could be a few different versions:
    • Pro Tools 9/10 HD
    • Pro Tool 9/10 w/Complete Production Toolkit
    • Pro Tools 11 HD/HD Native
    • Based on the year the video came out, it can’t be be Pro Tools 12.
  • The mic preamp looks like a Neve Portico 5012
  • The voice actor is almost definitely using a Neumann microphone (they have a very distinctive shock mount). Based on the size, it’s probably a TLM 103.

Studio B

  • The engineer is working in Pro Tools. See Studio A for version notes.
  • The mic preamp is a visually different model of the Neve Portico 5012.
  • They are using a Mackie Big Knob for controlling their studio monitors
  • The studio monitors look like older Mackie HR824’s
  • The microphone looks the same as in Studio A.
    • Almost every behind-the-scenes video I’ve seen has this mic.
  • They appear to be using an external meter with Pro Tools, but I’m not sure what brand/model.

Composer/Sound Design Studio

  • The composer is working in Logic Pro. My background in Logic is limited, so I’m not sure what version it is.
  • There’s an older Pro Tools icon on his dock. Judging by the presence of the Digidesign 002 audio interface, it’s probably not an HD version of Pro Tools. Maybe LE 8?
  • The studio monitors are pretty blurry in the video, but they look like older Mackie HR824’s.
  • You can also see the icon for EditShare on his dock, which is used for media management. We use it at the studio I work for. You can think of it as a really fancy external hard drive.


Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list; in fact, one of the videos I found implies that there are a handful of other studios. Nevertheless, this was a fun thought exercise. I hope this was helpful to aspiring ADR Engineers.