Who would win in a fight — a violent storm or a shipment of rare Goku figures?

Did anyone else have “Goku from Dragon Ball stars in a Cast Away sequel” on their 2020 bingo card? Okay, so that’s isn’t really happening, but it’s not far from the truth.

Earlier this month, Reuters reported on a shipping accident that happened about 1800 miles from Hawaii. One Apus, a Japanese cargo ship traveling from China to California, was caught in a violent storm that resulted in the loss of nearly 2000 shipping containers.

One of the items on that ship was a limited edition Ultra Instinct Goku figure from S.H. Figuarts. And when I say “limited edition,” I mean this was a made-to-order reprint of an event exclusive figure.

Narrative designer Kevin Snow broke the news on Twitter yesterday:

“The Goku collecting groups I’m in on are fire because everyone’s limited edition, made-to-order Ultra Instinct Sign Gokus they preordered in August probably sank to the bottom of the ocean. RIP Goku.”

An inventory is currently being conducted in Japan to confirm what was lost, but it will be up to a month before we have the results.

[Source: Kevin Snow’s Twitter, Kotaku, Reuters, Premium Bandai]

Gary Piano
Gary Piano
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