Di Gi Charat is making a comeback-nyo

Just when I thought I had successfully drowned the memories of Di Gi Charat in alcohol, those annoying catgirls have clawed their way back into my consciousness.

Fans of my generation used to joke about how every anime is just a glorified commercial. While that take is cynical and hyperbolic, it’s not completely untrue. Whether it be for a manga, a video game, or an overpriced figure — many of our beloved titles have an ulterior motive.

In rare cases, the people making these animated advertisements produce something extraordinary, like Bobby’s in Deep — an experimental 80s OVA from Madhouse made to boost an idol singer’s popularity. This is not one of those instances.

And it’s coming back.

Media companies Bushiroad and Broccoli recently entered into a partnership, stating their goal to “create a new era of entertainment.” Part of their plan involves rebooting the Di Gi Charat franchise.

The characters in Di Gi Charat look like the obnoxious anime parodies you would see in American cartoons in the early-2000s. They were created in 1998 as mascots for Broccoli and their chain of anime stores, GAMERS.

Di Gi Charat is notable to me as being the first fansub I ever torrented. The 3-minute episode length made it the perfect choice for testing the new peer-to-peer client on my dial-up connection.

Synch-Point, ADV Films, and Sentai Filmworks have all tried to make Di Gi Charat popular over the years, but just like “fetch” — it’s not going to happen.

[Source: Anime News Network]

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