EX-ARM kick slides onto Crunchyroll on January 10

Last month Crunchyroll Original anime EX-ARM declared war on “SF series around the world” with a trailer that left a lot to be desired. Fans expressed concern with the clunky visuals and the staff’s inexperience with anime. With the abundance of negative feedback they received, I was half-expecting Crunchyroll to cancel the series before it came out. After all, they appear to have done this with High Guardian Spice, which finished production over a year ago.

Fortunately, that’s not happening with EX-ARM. While this anime will almost definitely be a mess, I can’t wait to see just how messy it gets.

EX-ARM is coming for our sanity us on January 10, 2020.

[Source: Anime News Network]

Gary Piano
Gary Piano
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