Amidst sexual assault allegations, Quinton Flynn may be filing harassment charges against accusers

It’s almost been a month since Twitter user BewareQFlynn accused anime and video game voice actor Quinton Flynn of sexual harassment. Their initial tweet contained audio of a man they allege is Flynn speaking in a sexually explicit manner. Several other women came forward after the audio was released, claiming that Flynn used his fame to manipulate them into providing sexual favors.

While all of the accusations are troubling, some of them are potentially criminal. LaLaCosplay accused Flynn of kissing them without consent when they were 17. An anonymous woman claims Flynn licked her thigh during a photoshoot. The most disturbing story is from Kiwi Beasley who said her friend would call Flynn each night when she was 12 so he could sing her to sleep.

After news of the allegations broke, it wasn’t long before the identity of the BewareQFlynn account was discovered. Krissy Rose — name printed with permission — shared with GONZO.MOE that she and several of Flynn’s accusers have been doxxed and harassed by who she believes to be Flynn and his wife, Samantha, via sockpuppet social media accounts. This harassment has been reported on in-depth by Bella Blondeau at TheGamer.

Rose also said that she received a call from a man claiming to be a police detective. The man said that Flynn had filed harassment charges against her, and if she didn’t stop tagging him on social media, they could become criminal charges. He also warned that Flynn may sue her for defamation.

Even though Rose has verified that the phone number belongs to a real police station, she suspects it was a bluff since she hasn’t been served any legal paperwork yet.

Anime fans may know Flynn for his role as Kon in Bleach and Iruka Umino in Naruto. He has also voiced several video game characters such as Raiden from Metal Gear Solid and Axel from Kingdom Hearts.

For those who wish to see the evidence themselves, BewareQFlynn’s account is still active. Rose has also compiled everything on Google Drive. Keep in mind; the content is alarming.

As of writing this, Flynn has still not made a statement regarding the allegations.

[Source: Twitter correspondence with BewareQFlynn]

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