Discotek Media opts for Blu-ray only release model, has “no plans for further DVDs”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that anime DVDs aren’t selling like they used to. Sales are low enough that some companies have considered abandoning the 24-year-old format. Others already have. When responding to fan questions on Twitter, Discotek Media revealed that they no longer plan to release titles on DVD.

The lowered cost of Blu-ray players and the advantages of the technology — “more episodes per disc, potentially higher quality video, and ‘much’ better quality subtitles.” — were given as reasons for their decision.

They cite BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo as a perfect example of this in practice. The Seriously! Complete Series collection contains 76 episodes in English and Japanese and “a nice collection of extras” on two discs.

[Source: Discotek Media’s Twitter]

Gary Piano
Gary Piano
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